Heading for the Wedding

There are 45 people in our immediate family and we are all heading for the same spot in Idaho from various locations including Alaska and Hawaii. There are 13 in the van we are presently riding in. We left our house in Jefferson at 3:30 pm and are going to camp in Burns tonight and finish the journey tomorrow. It is pretty noisy in the van with everybody singing and talking, but a fun kind of noise. I can turn my hearing aids off and they are very effective ear plugs, or I can listen to a pod cast of my favorite preacher as my iPad blue toothes into my hearing aids, and nobody in the van even knows! We will all hang out tomorrow and Saturday at Amies house where Amie and Seth and her 4 kids will live happily ever after, after the wedding on Sunday. It is kind of funny thinking about this trip and the gathering this weekend, compared to family trips years ago when we all went to see Patty’s parents or mine. Then I drove the van and told everyone what to do as the Dad. Now I sit in the back and everyone tells me what to do. When the transition started a few years ago I was a bit resistant and often got my feelings hurt as I became less and less the one in charge and more and more “grandpa”, with everyone constantly asking me how I was doing, as if I was on the verge of having a heart attack. Now I am pretty close to being fully adjusted to my new role and place in the family, I just tag along and do what I am told, and enjoy the relaxed time of not having the pressure and responsibility for everyone in the van.

3 thoughts on “Heading for the Wedding

  1. Mike Wilde

    Sounds like so much fun! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy, and try to let a few people fuss over you without getting grumpy! It’s part of character building!😊


  2. Larry Payne

    And so life goes on in a new and relaxed way. More time to truly enjoy the folks and places around us, and to let those who would be responsible do so. An enjoyable and blessed time in our ( older folks like us) lives.

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