Today was a very productive day for me. I got my entire sermon written out for this coming weekend. I had all the study all finished, I just needed to put the information in a logical order and outline it so it was down to earth and easy to understand. Sometimes that takes forever, but today it really flowed as I wrote, I am excited to hear it😀. I also filled up a 10 yard dumpster at my house as we cleaned up the place in preparation for our “home inspection” by the people who are overseeing the adoption proceedings for Sherri and Thomas as they attempt to adopt a little girl from Liberia, West Africa. I also fixed a number of things that were not “child friendly” around our place. I shot my bow about a hundred times in preparation for archery season opening in two weeks. I also welded on my “Rotisserie ” for a couple,of hours, that I am building from downloaded plans from the internet to put my 1969 mustang on so I can turn it over and around to work on from all sides. I also got in an hour of work on my boat getting it ready to take out in the ocean. I road on my stationary bike for an hour and read while riding. Now I am reading my Bible, writing this blog, praying, writing in my journal, memorizing Bible verses, and eating popcorn. Almost time to go to bed and get rested up for another great day tomorrow.

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