Worldliness is a condition that many people have. It is being so involved, entangled, and addicted to the activities and stuff of the world that there is little time or energy left for things that really matter and have an eternal impact. It is quite amazing how easy it is for us to get addicted to things, to activities, and to fill our life so full of this stuff that we are literally living our life out of control. I have lots of people ask me about time management and make comments about my life and how do I manage to get so much done. Time management is not about getting more things done, it is all about doing things that matter and have lasting and eternal value. I watch zero television, I never play computer games, I limit my Facebook time to 15 minutes each day, I limit my reading news and current events to 15 minutes a day, I limit my random internet reading to 15 minutes a day. The average person spends 6 hours each day watching television, playing computer games, surfing the web, reading the news, and on Facebook. So I have a 5 hour a day advantage over most other people. It is pretty easy to get more done than most with a 5 hour advantage.

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