No fishies, No fish

If there was a stream, River, or lake that I knew without a doubt had no fish in it, I wouldn’t fish in it. I fish to catch fish, seems reasonable to me. But you can catch trout in a swimming pool with a bamboo rod with 6 ft of monofilament line tied to the end with a hook and worm on the end of it. I wouldn’t fish in that swimming pool, though I would take my grandkids to fish in it. For fishing really to be fishing there has to be the challenge factor, it has to be hard to catch the fish if it is going to be really enjoyable. That is an attitude that needs to be developed, we aren’t born with it, we are born with the attitude that says, “easy and quick“. Some trips to the Kenai River there are salmon rolling everywhere and catching a limit is easy and quick, but more often than not, there are some but not a lot and it takes hours per fish. Many fisherman faced with the second scenario just quit, and come back when the fishing is quick and easy. With fishing it isn’t that big of a deal, but the problem is that many have this attitude in life, and in life the principle is consistently, “the more important it is the harder it is”, always.

1 thought on “No fishies, No fish

  1. Michele Huffman

    Thank you Pastor Dee for both reminding me and encouraging me that the harder the battle the greater the victory in Jesus we have!! He just wants us to trust in him and do our part while He(God) does his!! Thank you again!!



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