Fishing in Alaska

I am leaving in the morning for Soldotna, Alaska where I will be with about a dozen guys from jbc fishing for Sockeye salmon, commonly called reds. I have gone up to Alaska every year for over 20 years fishing for sockeye during this time. I usually come home with a 50 lb box full of fish and some years 2 50 lb boxes, this year my goal is to have 2 50 lb boxes of salmon and a third box full of halibut. Of all,the things that I do each year, bicycling, hunting, fishing, this trip, in the middle of July to Soldotna is by far my favorite. I am not sure why, but it is. We catch lots of fish, we eat really good food, we have great fellowship, the country is beautiful, the facilities are super, but I go on other trips that is all true as well. For what ever reason it is my favorite and I can’t hardly stand myself I am getting so excited about leaving in a few hours. I will send you pictures of the fish I catch.

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