In Prison

This Fall I am going to teach the book of Philippians on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm and on Sunday morning 8:00 am. It is going to be a very good series of teaching with some very practical pointers from Paul on how to have joy all the time in your life. He is in a Roman prison when he writes this letter, and they were not know for comfort and accommodations, yet the letter is overflowing with joy and positive statements on how good life was for Paul. In this letter he,twice says ,” rejoice always” and in chapter 2 he says, “don’t grumble about anything, ever”. In the letter he doesn’t just say “rejoice”, he gives very practical guidelines on how to be full of joy in spite of your circumstances. I am in the process of writing these down as I study this book. I think I will call the sermon series, “A Dozen Ways to Have Joy in Spite of Life.”

1 thought on “In Prison

  1. robertahlquist99

    Wow, sounds great. Are you going to write about those dozen things on your blog? Would love to hear what you discover through your study, but I won’t be in the class to hear it. Thanks.



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