Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #23

Well, the 2019 bicycle trip is over for me. Tom and I drove 492 miles in his motorhome and we got to my house at 4:30 pm, and I am sitting in my recliner writing this. The odometer on my bike says that I rode 1183 miles total for the trip. I actually pedaled my bicycle for 17 days which is an average 69.58 miles per day. My odometer which actually is a little computer which also is a gps and records elevation gains and loss and according to the record it kept I climbed a total 84,879 feet. My fastest speed recorded was 37 mph. I lost 12 lbs. My resting heart rate went from 62 beats a minute to 57 beats a minute. I wrote 22,876 words total in my IPad which included my blog, personal journal, and sermon ideas, notes, and outlines. I read for 31 hours. I prayed for many hours as I rode along on my bicycle observing the beautiful creation of God. I memorized Philippians chapter 1, which is 30 verses. I had a super, great time. I feel like I am 50 years old instead of 70. I grew in character. And I grew closer to Jesus.

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