Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip Day #21

Today we took a break from riding our bicycles, slept in, and had a wonderful breakfast cooked for us by our host Beth McCain. After breakfast we drove in to Bonner’s Ferry and went to church together. It was a wonderful church, the people were super friendly, the preaching was excellent, and the worship was engaging. I just woke up from a nice nap on McCain’s front porch sitting in a comfortable chair. Our next destination is the Swanson’s house near Coeur d’ Alene. They have been at JBC for a number of years and Kevin, the husband and Dad, has been in one of my “Men’s Accountability” groups with me, and a good friend who has regularly hunted and fished with me. They have recently moved to Idaho so it will be great to stay at their place and see their new home. The distance to their place is 112 miles, but we have decided that we are going to load the bikes in the motor home in the morning, and drive through the construction in Bonner’s Ferry, and then bicycle the last 85 miles. 112 miles would move past “challenge” to self inflicted torture. The forecast is for comfortable temperatures with no rain, little wind, and very few big hills so it should be a great ride. One of my goals for this trip was to memorize the first chapter of Philippians, that is 30 verses. I am up to verse 20 and I don’t think I am going to make 30, we will see if I can pour it on this next couple of days. Memorizing Bible verses is the most powerful discipline that I do to bring about change in thinking, attitude, and behavior in myself. If you doubt the power of God’s Word hidden in our heart and mind through memorization and meditation read Psalms 119 everyday for a month and see what happens to your faith in this discipline. It is amazing the direct correlation to between how difficult it is to start and maintain a discipline to it’s effectiveness in producing life change in us. The easier it is the less change takes place in us, the harder it is the more change takes place. But so many people don’t do things because they are hard, and because of that choice to take the easy way they stay where they are, they don’t grow stronger, and they don’t do much with their life that really matters for all eternity. In the words of Jesus, “choose the narrow and hard way, not the broad and easy way”.

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