Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #18

This is the kind of sign I like. We are at McGregor Lake, Montana at a campground on the lake. I wish I had brought a fishing rod with me, we have stayed at a number of campsites where I could have done some fishing. There is a hiking trail all around the campsite so I may take a hike around it with my camera to see if I can see anything to take a picture of and add a little excitement to my life. Tom does most of the RV driving, but I volunteered to drive it today if he wanted to ride the whole day, instead of just part, and he jumped at the chance. I was going to get on the bicycle and ride back to meet the crew and then ride back to camp, but I was feeling kind of lazy today and decided to stay here and read and write and eat and sleep and eat and sleep some more, nice. Of the seven long distance bike trips that I have been on, one of them was a self-supported trip, that is, we had no support vehicle with us so we had to pack everything on the bikes with us. That was the trip that John Smith and I did across the northern part of the U.S. to Portland, Maine. When we got there we packed our bicycles in boxes and flew home. I think that was my favorite of the trips because it puts a kind of pressure on you that none of the others has. If you get tired you still have to get on the old bicycle, if you don’t get to your destination by dark, you have to ride in the dark or camp where you are. I have been thinking about doing another self-supported longer trip, but I may be getting past that point in my life. I used to get all excited thinking about it and reading about possible trips, but now I think, whooooeeeeeee, maybe I ought to go on a fishing trip instead.

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