Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #17

Today we rode 75 miles and overall it was a fun ride, a beautiful ride, and a relatively easy ride. It was “easier” would probably be a better way of saying it, there are no easy days. We went uphill for 20 miles where we hit the continental divide, and then we went gradually down hill for 50 miles. The mountains, meadows, streams, and forests were all beautiful, and we saw a lot of buffalo, deer, elk, and a moose as well. We are in West Glacier, Montana tonight at a KOA campground. They have a swimming pool and a hot tub, so I spent a lot of time soaking my muscles and putting my knee if front of a blower and it feels so much better than it did this morning. A big German shepherd dog came out and chased Cliff and Kathy. They were a couple hundred yards in front of me so I watched as the dog ran after them for several minutes and finally gave up. When I came by him he looked at me and just laid there being to tired out to even bark. I am feeling much better tonight than I have any night on the trip. I think I am finally getting in shape.

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