Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #7

This Sunday, June 15th, Father’s Day, is a rest day from bicycling for us. I found a church in Cambridge on line and we attended there this morning. The Pastor said they usually have about 70 in attendance, but today there was about 20 and all very old. The reason for the low attendance was because June 15th is the day that the Government lets the ranchers move their cattle to graze on BLM land for the summer so the ranchers and their families were all on a big cattle drive moving their herds to free grazing. Most of the BLM land we have been riding by has been very green, with lots of grass because of the above normal snowfall they had this last winter and above normal rain this spring so they are all happy. During the service they honored fathers and gave little prizes for varies things, I won a prize for the Dad with the most grandkids. It was a very nice little church and we had a good time worshiping the Lord and talking to people.

The picture is one of our in camp bicycle repair spot, on a picnic table in the shade. All the little things that need fixing or maintenance on, such as oiling chains, adjusting shifters and brakes, we do on rest days. We usually also do laundry on rest days, but this camp doesn’t have a laundry place available, so we will take care of that in the next camp site that does. I usually wear my bike cloths in the shower, squirt a little “body wash” on them, lather them up good, rinse, wring out excess water with my hands and hang them on my bicycle to dry.It has been a good Father’s Day for me as my kids all sent me a text or email telling me what a great Dad I am😀 Today I will do a bunch of reading and writing in my IPad as I work on my sermon series for this Fall in Philippians and Colossians. I have my lawn chair under a pine tree in the shade.

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