Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #6

I don’t have kickstand on my bicycle so when I want to stop for a break I look for a guard rail or a post to lean my bike on. Notice the top of the post has become a dinner table of sorts as I lay out the various snacks that I had put in my bags. Now I am deciding which one to eat, I think I ate all three of them. Also when I opened the black bag attached to the front of my handle bars, my camera fell out and rolled to the bottom of the gulley and I had to climb down and retrieve it. Also on the very same day my cell phone fell out of the little pocket on the top of that same bag that is attached to my handlebars. It bounced along the road for quite a long way, and I got stopped and went back an go it. I have the phone in one of those “Otter Cases” that a friend gave me, mostly because I drop my phone in the water so much when I am fishing, but it worked good as a guard to protect it when it is dropped from a bicycle on a road, the phone was fine.

Today we biked 70 miles leaving from Vale, Oregon at 6:30 am. We went through Cairo, and Ontario and then crossed over the Snake river into Idaho where we went through Fruitland, Ingard, Payette, Crystal, Weiser, Midvale, Cambridge, and stopped and camped at Mundo Hot Springs. The swimming pool is 99 degrees and the soaking pool just above it is about 105 degrees. I spent about an hour in them shortly after getting here at 1 pm. We are going to take tomorrow off from biking and stay here for another day so I look forward to several more hours in the hot mineral waters doing their magic on my old, achy body. Both Tom and Cliff had flat tires today. Tom’s pump that he carries on his bike broke so he had to hike into the closest town and buy a pump and hike back to his bike. He didn’t get a lot of miles riding today. I have ridden over 10,000 miles without a flat tire, and I wouldn’t mind riding another 10,000 without one.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #6

  1. Bev

    I can feel your pain. I mowed my yard( big one) this AM. Took weed eater out and worked an hour. Did same yesterday got it all done now. Looks so good. But I’m shot. Wish I had a hot springs to sit in.
    I’m praying you have a good safe trip. Wish several people from the church were going ( me to).
    Be safe you all. 😊🙏



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