There are certain dates that I remember easily. October 27, 1948 is my birthday, and everybody remembers their birthday because we get asked to put it on so many different things from drivers licenses, income tax returns, and airplane tickets. August 24, 1969 is our wedding day, and I am reminded of that day every year as we celebrate our anniversary and somebody asks how long we have been married so I have to quick do the math and remember the year. This year will be 50 years married to the same beautiful lady. I remember the year our first child was born, Sarah, in 1975, I don’t remember the day, but it was such a momentous day in our lives I couldn’t forget the year. Our doctor had told us we wouldn’t be able to have any kids, but after 6 years along came Sarah and 7 more in the years to follow. But probably the date that is most indelibly impressed in my memory besides my birthday is the day I graduated from High School, 1967. Even though it is only 4 years long, High School seemed to go on for half my life, I didn’t think I was ever going to be out of High School and I had so many dreams that I wanted to get after as soon as I got out of High School. My High School years were good, but there still was this sense that I was finally free after graduating.

Our oldest, Sarah, had her oldest child, our oldest grandchild, Josiah graduate from High School tonight, our first grandchild to graduate from High School. Let’s see, it is 2019, I wonder if I will remember that date in say 5 years, probably not. Since I have graduated from High School 53 years ago my life has been full of experiences, adventures, excitement, near death experiences, accomplishments, failures, disappointments, and growth.

As I sat and watched Josiah’s graduation tonight I wondered what his future held. How many adventures he would have, how many different countries he would visit, how much he would learn and grow, what great things he would accomplish for God, who he would marry, how many great grandchildren he would have for me.

As I sat wondering, knowing that he was a good boy with so much potential, but also knowing that the world is an evil place and can totally mess up the lives of good people, I resolved again to pray for him everyday that God would guide him into His perfect will, that God would protect him from the evil one and temptation, and that He would be a mighty man of God and would accomplish amazing things with his life.

As his grandfather God has given me jurisdiction or authority in Josiah’s life so that my prayers to God for Josiah are honored and answered by God with high priority. I don’t want to be lazy or negligent to exercise the power and authority I have to bless my grandson. Dear Lord, please help me to be a faithful prayer on behalf of all my grandchildren, but especially Josiah as he is in these critical years where his choices will have significant impact on the direction his life goes.

1 thought on “Dates

  1. jjhutsell

    Yet another reminder from God that I have authority and responsibility to pray and influence my grandchildren for Him. Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring others through your open authenticity Dee!



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