5 of us went fishing this morning at Detroit Lake, and we limited out with 5 fish apiece by noon. The weather was perfect, the fellowship with the other friends was awesome, and the fishing was superLast week I went fishing and the wind was blowing, it was freezing cold, and we didn’t catch a single fish. That is the way it with fishing and hunting, sometimes it is great and other times it is a bust. You learn all the skills and methods you can that are proven by others to work, but there are very many circumstances and conditions you have no control over that no skill level, method or bait will overcome. On a day like today you say “thank You Jesus for the wonderful day of fishing”, and on a day like last week when I was froze to the bone after 2 hours of fishing, and not a single bite, you say, “thank You, Jesus for a wonderful day of fishing”. My Dad used to say that a fishing Trip was like our life in a micro photo, and a major principle of life is enjoy the experience, good or bad because you choose to, rejoice always, never grumble or complain about anything, and be nice to the people you are fishing with (though a little trash talking is allowed😀).

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