My Boat Trailer

I built a little trailer for my new 10 foot pram that I just finished. I used 2 inch galvanized water pipe for rollers. I bought some drive in UHMW bearings for the ends of the water pipes, which amounts to a 5/8 inch hole in the chunk of hard plastic that has been machined to fit in the pipe. I welded an angle iron bracket on the side of the trailer with a 5/8 hole and ran a bolt through it into the UHMW. I made three rollers, put a winch on the front of the trailer, and side brackets to keep the boat centered. The boat and trailer weigh less than 500 lbs, and I can pull it with my Kia Rio. Thursday is supposed to be warm so I think I will give it a test. Our “Five Days of Prayer” is still going, and I am praying 8 hours each day in it so I will go fishing someplace close, probably “Freeway Lakes”.

It is hard to put into words the joy and satisfaction I felt today as I got the trailer lights wired and they actually worked, mounted the electric trolling motor on the back of the boat, screwed in the brass oar locks, got the fish finder all wired in and working, and charged the battery. When it was totally finished today I sat down in an old wood chair, and just looked at it for about 30 minutes. It is a mighty fine boat, if I do say so myself!

2 thoughts on “My Boat Trailer

  1. Sam Warner

    Thanks for letting us enjoy life with you Dee.
    Sharing your goals and accomplishments is a blessing and lifts the spirit.
    Praises to the one who enables us to win in all circumstances to his Glory!



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