Growing Faith

In the early days, 30 plus years ago, I fell asleep in corporate prayer often, actually most of the time. I still kept scheduling corporate prayer times for our church and I kept going, because I knew it was the right thing to do. I knew what the Bible said about prayer and I had read dozens of books on prayer, revival, and the history of the church, and it was pretty obvious that God didn’t do much except in response to prayer by the church, so I kept scheduling prayer times, and I personally kept going to the prayer times and praying and falling asleep. I remember thinking, “I think the clock actually slows down during corporate prayer times!”, they used to just drag. It took about 7 years of faithfully praying until things started to change for me. Our prayer times started becoming a major source of joy, passion, and strength, and my sense of God’s presence in the prayer room started to grow stronger and stronger. My faith in the power of prayer continued to grow as well. I became totally convinced that there wasn’t much that our church couldn’t fix,or change if we were willing to pray long enough for it. So now, 30 plus years later, here I am, a 70 year old man, having pastored for 43 years, 5 months away from our 50th wedding anniversary, and I truly feel like I am at the peak of my effectiveness for God. I am confident that my best years are yet to come, simply because I know that the more I do nothing but pray, the more God will work. So my life purpose statement right now is, “I will pray as much as I can, and I will work at convincing as many people as I can to pray with me.”

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