Self Examination

In the Bible we are admonished to examine our own life, our character weaknesses and flaws, our blind spots, our sins, especially repeated or habitual sins. I regularly and often just sit and think about me, where I have grown and where I am not growing, the words I speak out repeatedly that are defensive or accusing of others. When I have accurately figured out who I am, I confess all known sins to God, ask for His help to grow and change in the area of my weaknesses, and declare Him the Lord of my life and that I will follow and serve Him always. I try to have a daily time that takes care of the obvious blunders that I committed, but I take significantly more time to think through the “why” of my repeated offenses on a weekly basis and figure out my strategy for growth. I don’t ever want to get comfortable with where I am, my goal is to maintain and even increase a deep hunger and thirst in myself for righteousness.

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