It is funny how you can get hooked on certain activities almost like a drug. I have been spending an hour every day since the election reading the news. I have 5 different news apps that I read every day. I have realized in the past that this is not only wasting a lot of time, but it tends to make me irritated at what I read and watch and I carry that irritation into my day and my relationshipS. Today I made a commitment and a goal that I would not spend more than 15 minutes each day reading or watching the news. I have a stop watch as an app on my iPad and every time I start reading a news site I will hit that watch and when I am done reading I will record the time, and when I hit 15 minutes I am done for that day. I hate being controlled by anything other than God, but it seems that that I just rotate through the long list of activities that control my life periodically. Once I decide to quite it doesn’t take long to conquer, so it is strange that sometimes I am slow to have the desire to manage this activity. One of my life purpose statements is to seek to please the Lord with all that I do, and it is this particular purpose statement that motivated me to manage my life and my time.

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