Happy, Happy, Happy

I go back and re-read my blogs periodically, and occasionally I like one so much that I think it is worth re-posting, here is one of my favorites.

How can you, or I, or anybody be totally happy? The answer is simple, go to heaven. Heaven is the happy place! In heaven there is no death, there is no war, there is no conflict, we will have a body that won’t get sick, hurt, or get a Charlie horse. In heaven we will understand everything, there will be ultimate purpose and meaning, there will be no politics, there will be no mean people, wow.

On the other hand earth, this life, is not a happy place, it never will be, and it was never intended to be a happy place by God. The promise of the Bible is that in this life there will be pain, suffering, trials, taxes, politics, war, disease, divorce, weeds, earthquakes, and worse and worse. The Bible says, “set your mind on the things above, not on the things of this world”, look forward to the day you die and enter heaven.

The purpose of life is to grow in character and righteousness, not to be happy. So my purpose in life is to pursue righteousness, to grow mature in my character, and to do something with my life that makes a difference in other people, that is to influence them to become followers of Jesus so that they can live in heaven with me, and to help them grow more righteous and mature.

I expect trials and tribulations to come into my life, so I am not surprised when they come, I don’t get angry at God, and I don’t get grouchy at people. Trials are like a wrestling match, I will win or my opponent will win, and I am determined that I will win every match that comes into my life. I win when I don’t complain, feel sorry for myself, or get in a fight with other people when a major trial comes into my life. I win when I fix the problem, solve the problem, or help others to overcome the problem.

It won’t be that long until we cross the finish line, so focus on that finish line, and be determined to finish at a sprint.

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