My Favorite Story about Patty

As I wrote in a previous blog a couple days ago, I went to College wife hunting, and I went with a list of 7 characteristics of a girl who would make a wonderful wife. The first one was, look for a girl that is nice and kind to those that most others shun, Patty passed that one with flying colors. The second one was, look for a girl who isn’t overly concerned about how she looks to others, not a big spender on nice cloths or overboard on makeup. Well, the story goes like this:

I played on the basketball team at the college we attended, and we practiced during dinner time so our team ate in the cafeteria after everyone else was gone. Patty worked in the cafeteria as part of her financial aid package from the college, and she was the one who usually dished out our food for us each evening. One evening our coach came in and announced loudly that we were given free tickets to the “Far West Classic” basketball tournament at the Memorial Coliseum where some of the best colleges in the country were going to be playing, and the seats were close to the court. We all got super excited, and in the midst of our excitement Patty yelled from behind the food counter, “Hey! I feed you guys every night, I should get to go!” The coach laughed and said, “No! Guys only”! Well, on the night we were going to the tournament we all gathered outside the Student Union Building where we were going to board our school’s bus to take us to the Coliseum. While we were standing there, up walked Patty dressed up in a guys suit, that was way to big for her, with her hair stuffed up inside this man’s hat that was also way to big for her head. She really did look like a homeless guy, and we all thought that was who she was until she got close, and recognized her. She intended to show up at the bus for a joke and then go back to her dorm, but our coach told a couple of guys to grab her and haul her on the bus with us. When we got to the Coliseum 16 College men got off of the bus with Patty who looked ridiculous! Everyone was teasing her through the whole evening, telling her how to walk like a man, clap like a man, and eat hot dogs like a man, they all were basically flirting with her, except me, and I thought, “What a dumb thing for anyone to do”! At half-time everyone had left to go and get refreshments except Patty and I, she was about 8 seats away from me, I turned and looked at her at the same time she turned and looked at me, our eyes met and she smiled at me. I thought to myself, “Well, she certainly isn’t overly concerned about how she looks, that’s for sure! But in spite of that ridiculous suit she has on she is really beautiful”! Thinking back on it, it reminds me of when I am fishing and I set the hook on a big steelhead, she set the hook good.

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