Getting it Done

A few people accomplish a lot with their life that really matters, that changes other people for the better, that blesses other people, that lasts many years past their own life. There are many reasons that the few are able to make it happen, but there is one reason that is most common amount those who seem always to be getting it done. These few people have a strength of character that never casts blame at other people when they fail at something, and they never make excuses when they fail. Instead of complaining about challenges or setbacks, or failures, they develop solutions and solve problems. They figure it out with determination, persistence and patience. Failures are not seen as failures, but as a source of information on what to change, failures don’t discourage, they do just the opposite, they motivate and give resolve to conquer and to win.

I have often pondered on the questions, “What happens in life that shapes a person into a champion, can any person be trained to become an overcomer or are some people stuck in mediocrity, and if a person can be trained, taught, encouraged, and coached into being a bearer of much fruit, how, what’s the strategy and the content of the training materials?

One of my main ministry’s now as a pastor is to teach my leadership classes. I teach a men’s Leadership I and a Ladies Leadership I, I also teach a Leadership Class II, and a Leadership III. The goal that I have as I teach these 8 month long classes is to train champions, winners, high producers, and overcomes. I am always thinking about how to make the content more relevant and more effective in accomplishing my goals, how to improve my methods, and my teaching. One of the most rewarding things in life for me is to train a person in such a way that they become very strong in their inner person, and become a person with character of a champion.

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