A Really Good Wife

Patty left today to go to Mexico to one of those resort places with a couple of other families from JBC. Sitting in our bedroom by myself tonight I got to reminiscing about our 50 years of marriage. They have been good years filled with adventure, love, and accomplishment. In the early years when I was trying to be successful as a dairy farmer she worked right along beside me putting in the long grueling hours with me. We couldn’t afford a tractor so we cleaned the barn with a snow shovel, and Patty did that while I milked. She would open up the drain on our big water trough, and the water would run down the concrete alley between the cow stalls and she would push the cow manure with the water out the back of the barn into the manure pit. She had to go pretty fast or the water would run out and leave all the cow manure behind still in the barn, so she would be in cow manure over her ankles (she had on rubber boots) pushing as hard as she could sloshing down the ally with a big wave of cow poop and water going in front of her. A number of times as she was pushing hard and going as fast as she could she fell down, and would come into the milking parlor where I was, to have me squirt off the manure with the hose. She was so beautiful🤪! When our cows got sick we had to give them these sulfur pills that were the size of my thumb. They would go into this thing we called a balling gun which was a couple feet long. We would lock a cow into this chute and I would grab ahold of the cows head and lift it up in the air holding her mouth open, and Patty would shove the balling gun down the cows throat and push the plunger which pushed out the big pill into the cows throat. If it wasn’t down far enough the cow would cough it back up. The cow didn’t particularly like any part of this deal so they would buck and shake their head and blow cow snot all over everything and everybody, and because Patty was at mouth of the cow she got most of the snot on her. Patty was a bit timid about pushing this long metal thing down the throat of this bucking cow that I am straining every muscle to hold, so I got to yelling at her to hurry up! That didn’t go over very well with her, and a couple,of times I thought she was going to push that balling gun down my throat😖! Over the years there isn’t much she hasn’t done, and she has done it with toughness, enthusiasm, and joy, making her a very fun person to live with.

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