Brain Dead

Here I sit at home in my recliner trying figure out what I am going to write in my blog tonight, and how to make it clear and understandable. It is 12:00, midnight, and my brain is starting to go into deep sleep.

That was last night, obviously I didn’t get any farther than that before I fell asleep.

My schedule is always full, but “doable”, but lately my schedule has been such that I am not getting some thing done each day, and I have been giving into the urgent instead of doing the important. I have been for the last couple of days not getting all the basics disciplines done such as spending time at memorizing Bible verses, or reading in a good Christian book each day, and I even missed praying through the “prayer letter” last week. When I miss one of the disciplines I feel really guilty for a couple of days, and resolve to do better at managing my schedule, but haven’t done very well the last couple of days. It is frustrating how susceptible I am to losing my momentum by a little hiccup in my schedule. I can go for months cruzin along with great faithfulness reading the Bible, praying, memorizing, writing and then out of the blue I get entangled in a project or event and then a little compromise, and then a little bigger one, and then …. you know how the story goes. One of the bad things is that my energy comes from God, and when I begin to neglect the spiritual disciplines I have less power from God, and therefore can do only part of what I once was doing, thus beginning this downward spiral, sort of like a duck getting shot.

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