God loves Me, how about you?

In a service at JBC several years ago I was preaching, and in the sermon I said that God loves some people more than others. After the service a young lady around 20 to 30 years of age who was visiting came up, and got very angry with me about that statement. She asked me where it said that in the Bible, and I responded that I had given numerous verses in the sermon and said they were in the notes that were in the bulletin, and if she didn’t get one I would get one for her. She really wasn’t interested in getting the verses, she just wanted to vent a bit on me for some reason. I asked her if she felt God loved her where she was at, right now in her life. That question put the brakes on her outpouring of angry words toward me, and she got teary eyed, and said, ” He probably hates me because I hate Him! I said, “You know, I have 8 kids, 6 son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, and about a dozen grandkids (I said it was a few years ago, I think we have around 22 now), and I love them more than anybody else’s kids, is that wrong of me? She hesitated for a second and said, “no, I guess not”. I went on and said, ” I am in God’s family, I am His son, by adoption, and He loves me as His son, do you think He loves those not in His family as much as those who are?” She didn’t answer, so I continued, “God the Father and Jesus loved the world so much that He and Jesus who had total and incomprehensible oneness and unity with each, tore that unity and oneness apart. While Jesus was hanging on the cross all of your sins and mine were put on Him along with those of every person in the past, present and future. God the Father looked at Jesus as if He had actually committed those sins, poured out His wrath on Him, and Jesus on the cross cried out, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” “Jesus paid the penalty of my sins”. “Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead, and is alive today.” “That is a pretty special love, right?” “But He loves me more than that, because I believed that all that He did, He did it for me, I loved Him back for what He did for me, and I now follow Him and serve Him. I am in His family.” I wish I could say that she became part of God’s family right then, but she turned around and walked out of the building and I have never heard from her since. I like to believe that a seed was planted, and some day she will come back and say, “remember me”.

1 thought on “God loves Me, how about you?

  1. Mike Bullard

    Or through GodsGrace you will be greeted by her or you will greet her when both of you are in the arms of the Lord. Wouldn’t that be awesome 😎



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