Healed of Parkinson’s

On January 1st I started a diet with the goal of losing 40 lbs in 160 days, 1/4 pound of ugly fat lost each day. The diet was simple, just eliminate all sugar and wheat from my diet. I wasn’t going to count calories or anything, just eliminate all sugar and wheat from my diet. My thinking was that most of the snacking I did in the evening when I read, was ice cream, cake, cookies, chips, ritz crackers, and candy. Those would all be eliminated with this diet, and I should lose weight. One month is over and according to my goal I should be down 8 lbs, but I have lost 14 lbs, so it is working so far, unless I start eating way more bacon or something like that.

But the good news is that since starting this diet with no sugar and no wheat all of my Parkinson’s symptoms have gone away. The biggest issue was severe muscle rigidity and muscle pain, especially after being immobile for a little bit. In the mornings getting out of bed was a major ordeal because my muscles were like concrete, I couldn’t get them to do much, and when I did it hurt like the dickens. The tremor in my right hand is gone, and my balance is almost totally like it was 20 years ago. Before I always felt fatigued, like I had just loaded a trailer with 100 lb bales of hay, but now I have energy to burn. Before I didn’t sleep much because every time I rolled over or moved, because my muscles got so rigid that when I moved it was like I got stabbed with a knife, and I woke up, wide awake. Now, I am sleeping like a baby. I have also cut my medication in half and expect to eliminate it altogether in this next month.

It has only been a month so I am not letting myself get to excited yet, in case it is just some kind of fluke. But I am praising the Lord for a good January, and we will see what happens in February.

10 thoughts on “Healed of Parkinson’s

  1. Mike Bullard

    I really hope that eliminating the sugar and the wheat will prove not to have been a fluke. What a wonderful time of joy and gratefulness to the Lord it will be when that ah ha moment of confirmation arrives for you and for patty. We can sometimes miss the tell tale signs that reveal to us as individuals what affects us on a personal level oftentimes also affects those who love us and know us the most

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  2. sirretromechanic

    This is awesome Dee! Oddly enough, if your on this diet, bacon should not effect it. Once, for two weeks my wife and I experimented with me eating only bacon and apples, and I could eat all I wanted (gets expensive). I lost 20 pounds in those two weeks eating all the bacon and apples I wanted.

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  3. Julie

    This is no fluke. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. And when we cooperate with God’s design by putting in the building blocks of life and keeping out the processed stuff, we work. True repentance. No turning back, no turning back.

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  4. ramblinrosebky

    This is brilliant Dee ! Found the same for myself as I cut out sugar, and wheat….it boosted my metabolism, started burning fat, all aches and pains went away, and the list keeps growing …. keep up the great work and modeling an inspirational lifestyle for us all to follow !

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