Saved from the Cows

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that Patty and I had made a deal with the Farm Home Administration concerning the $40,000 debt that we had with them after borrowing the money to buy 40 Registered Guernsey cows. After half of them died, we sold the 20 we had left to my Dad for $16,000 which left us with approximately $24,000 left to pay off. We talked to the main person in charge in the Farm Home Administration office in our area, a very nice guy named Mr Blackburn about setting up some kind of reduced payment plan. While we were talking to him about this, he mentioned that FHA had a program set up to help farmers that went through some kind of crisis that impeded their ability to pay back their loan. He said that we could fill out the paper work explaining what had happened and make a counter offer to what we owed, FHA would either except the counter offer or reject it, they wouldn’t come back with another counter to our counter. If they did reject the offer that we made they wouldn’t accept another one for five years. We thought about it, did a lot of calculations, prayed for wisdom, and made the ridiculously low counter offer of $1,000. The offer had to include a check for the full amount of the offer, and we didn’t have any money, so $1000 was about all we could figure out that we could come up with. We waited for the longest two months of my life for a response. I remember the day the official looking envelope came from them, and we sat down in the kitchen with Mom and Dad and opened it up. They had accepted our $1,000 counter offer, and the initial contract that we had signed was also in the envelope with a big “Paid in Full” stamped on it in blue ink. My, oh my, that felt so good.

Five years later when we decided to come to Jefferson and Pastor Jefferson Baptist Church we bought a brand new house just built right in Jefferson for $25,000. We applied for a loan with FHA because the interest was 1.8 percent interest. When we went into their office in Salem to apply for the loan the lady that we were meeting with asked if we had ever had a Farm Home loan before. I thought, well this will certainly blow our chances of getting a loan from them, and I responded, yes, we had borrowed $40,000 about 5 or 6 years ago. She made a phone call, (this was before the days of computers and the internet), and after talking for a minute, she hung up the phone, and said to us, “Yes, you did take out a loan, and our records show that it is paid in full, so yes, we will loan you the money for your house.

So many times I have replayed in my mind, all those events of this story in our life, and I have thought, it is a lot like my salvation, when I had a long list of sins that I could never pay for, and Jesus came to this earth, lived, and died on a cross and paid the penalty of all of my sins, and when I die and enter heaven I will have “paid in Full” stamped on my forehead in blue ink.

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