Startled by a Chicken

My wife Patty has about 18 chickens, and she likes her chickens, I can’t figure out why but she does. The fence around our chicken yard is getting old, tired, and it sags a lot, sounds like me! So it doesn’t do a very good job keeping chickens in so we have chickens wandering around our house, in the yard, in the drive way, and occasionally I find one in my shop. They mostly all go into the chicken coup at night finding their way back into the fenced chicken area. I have been promising to replace the fence, but I have successfully found other projects to keep me busy, and have procrastinated on the chicken fence. Every night the last thing I do is sit in my sauna, and nice and hot and relaxed I jump into bed. Last night I went out the back door of our bedroom to the back porch to get into the sauna and there was a chicken who had not found her way back into the chicken coup roosting on our back porch. As I went out the door I tripped over her sending the chicken into a frenzy and startling me out of my wits. So tonight I was looking for and pricing chicken fencing. As I was looking at the cost of the fencing and the time it was going to take, and the cost of the chicken food, I thought, I bet the eggs we get off these stupid chickens cost ever bit as much as eggs at winco. As I was working myself up onto a lather over these stupid chickens I thought, “Patty didn’t get to excited about my boat building project and complain that fish in the grocery store probably cost way less than the ones I brought home. Or the deer and elk hunting trips and the lack of venison in our house. Yep, I think it would be a good idea to let Patty have her chickens, and I will get that fence fixed this next week for sure.

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