A leader is an influencer of other people. Last night Clemson won the national college football championship behind the leadership and skill of their Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence. It was a very fun game to watch as Clemson outplayed Alabama most of the game. Today I listened off and on to interviews and sports talk programs about the game and read a number of articles about it as well, and one of the things that came up repeatedly was Trevor Lawrence’s faith in Christ as his personal Savior. He has become a legend in the football world very quickly, and has a huge platform from which to influence people in regards to their faith in Christ, and he seems to be taking advantage of the attention he is getting in order to bring attention to his Lord. It is always so encouraging to me to see someone being a positive witness for Christ. As Christians we are commanded and commissioned to be a witness for Jesus, but very few do much to purposefully influence others towards faith in Jesus. Winning the National Football Championship would certainly make it easier to be a witness in the sense of people wanting to hear From you, but many a sports winner has been ridiculed and made fun of because he dared be a witness for their savior, so it takes courage to identify with Christ and speak up for Him. I think most people are timid about their being a witness because of the fear of what people may think. I pray for every person who attends JBC every week by name, and one of the prayer requests I make to God on behalf of each person is that God would give them the courage to be an effective witness for Him. I will keep praying this request for every person every week.

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