Happy Event

Certain events make me feel really, really good, and happy. They are just a major upper in my life, and I am always so appreciative to whoever helped bring the event about and in my life, and I praise and thank the Lord as well. Have you ever thought about the things, events, that are your favorites? The song in the movie “Sound of Music”, “These are a Few of my Favorite Things” always pops into my mind when I am feeling good because of some circumstances that have occurred. I have never written down all the particular events that are my favorite things, but I have thought about it, and then I would rank them from most favorite down. I have killed one really big bull elk in my hunting days, and that was a major happy event. Fishing is always a major source of “feel good” thoughts. Our kids and their families are close to the top of the list for sure. Another list could be all the events that make me sad, that is a long list, as is yours, I am sure. One of the things that happens regularly in my life is a person becomes a follower of Jesus, grows, and becomes a strong disciple of Jesus who is bearing much fruit with their life, and then for some reason falls away, and goes back to their old way of living. It always catches me by surprise and makes me very sad and depressed as I try to figure out why. Occasionally someone who fell away and I haven’t heard from them for a long time, comes back to the Lord. This event brings so much joy into my life, especially some who return with more devotion than ever, full of fire and passion. Again, I wonder, ” What happened?”Sometimes I find out, usually I don’t, but it doesn’t matter, that is still one of my favorite things.

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