Burned with Fire

I am building a go-kart with my two, 10 year old grandsons. They are having a great time, and So am I. I purchased 4 tires and rims for the cart. The tires are a foot wide, 20 inches in diameter, with big nobbies on them. I got the tires on the rims after some work , but I just couldn’t get the beads on the tubeless tires to set with the rim. About 2 am this morning I couldn’t sleep so I went out to my shop to see if I could get those tires filled with air. Before I went out I googled the problem and saw there were 2 “YouTube” demos on how to do what I wanted. One suggested spraying starting fluid into the tire, and then lighting it, and the resulting explosion pushes the wall of the tires out against the rim. I must have sprayed too much starting fluid into the tire, because the resulting explosion burned the hair off of my arm, and singed my beard pretty good. But the good news is the tire blew out and sealed with the rim, and I pumped it full of air. I went back in the house and went to bed.

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