It has been such a nice September and October, with lots of sunshine and nice weather. But it looks like the rain is here now. I looked at my 25 day weather forecaster, and it was rain just about every day. I am not sad about the change in weather, that is the way it is supposed to be. We will go about 4 months and then the daffodils will be here again. The seasons of the year have been happening in our lives for a long time, in fact for our entire life, every year, that is just the way it is.

Our lives have seasons and chapters in them, but most of our life is in a straight line, not a circle. The weather goes around in a circle and is repeated every year, but our life with a few exceptions is a journey or a story with chapters, each one being different and new. We anticipate the coming events, seasons and chapters based on what we have observed in others who are older than us.

I am going to be 70 in 2 more days, and I am anticipating that this birthday is going to be the beginning of a new season of my life. I am not dreading it, but I am preparing myself for some new challenges to face and conquer.

As I think back over the years the constant factor through most of them has been my love for the Lord, and the influence that has had on my life. Through all of my life I have pressed on to become better, a better person, a better husband, a better father, a better basketball player, a better farmer, and a better pastor, trying to improve and grow in every area of my life. I have often been frustrated by failure and major setbacks, but I rewound and went at it again. That desire to succeed as a person in life is put in all of us by God. He gives us the desire, the will, and He gives us the power and strength, but there is still something I must bring to the equation or I won’t succeed. I must choose, I must press on, I must overcome, I must learn, I can, and I will.

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