Digging a Ditch

This afternoon I dug a ditch, from our house to my shop crossing our driveway twice. Most of the ditch was in our driveway which is packed gravel, and very hard to dig a ditch in. I used a big, heavy, very heavy long bar to pound the gravel to break it up some. After I would break up the gravel I would scoop as much as I could and then go back and pound it some more with the long bar, did I mention that this bar is very, very heavy. I finally got it all done and every muscle in my entire body was revolting, and calling me bad names. In the old days I had a couple kids dig the ditches, but the kids are all gone now, left me to dig my own ditch. Oh well, think of all the exercise I got today. I whistled while I gasped for air bent over wishing that the ditch would just did itself, but I worked really hard not to grumble and not to feel sorry for myself. I got it done just in time to head over to our Wednesday service and teach on the book of Hebrew.

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