Ah, It’s Monday

Monday has been for me over the last 42years my main Sabbath Rest Day. I am often not feeling particularly good on Mondays, this morning I woke up with a pounding headache. I am often depressed on Monday as I review my preaching and teaching from the day before, which never goes quite the way I planned, as I think about the attendance, and who wasn’t at any of the worship services, and the various conversations with people about their problem marriages, prodigal children, recent cancer diagnosis, and financial problems. For the first 13 years of pastoring I was so discouraged on Monday’s that I quit every Monday, I am glad that I never did officially, just in my head. But though it was often a downer day, it has also usually been a day when I sleep in, play golf, go fishing, go out to lunch with Patty, watch Monday Night Football with good friends and eat fried chicken. When the kids were home we would keep them home from school on Monday and have a family work day, like splitting firewood and stacking it, taking a trip to the dump, picking apples and making cider using a rented grinder and press, a house fixing project, and sometimes going to someone else’s house and helping them. On Monday’s I usually get in a little extra Bible Reading, book reading, scripture memory, and praying. I don’t usually look at a “todo list” on Monday’s and I rarely look at my goals for the year. I do dream on Monday’s and visualize the future, and try to imagine in living color all that I am going to accomplish as a servant of Jesus in the years to come. Yes, Monday’s are good days, I almost always go to bed on Monday evening refreshed, reenergized, and full of passion and fire for the next week of ministry.

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