Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

From September to June Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are my main ministry work days. I usually put in about 15 hours each of these three days, going from 6 am until 9 pm. I like focusing my teaching, meetings, study, and writing in three long days because I get in a groove, and find that I get the most done when I maintain the momentum gained when not shifting gears much. Unlike a lot of pastors who take one day a week off, I usually take both Monday and Friday off. Friday is my get rested and energized for the weekend day. One of the things that I believe to be true is that when I teach the Bible to people that I have the ability to energize them, that is to motivate them to actually do and put into practice what I teach from the Bible. That energy and motivation is more caught than taught, meaning that if I start the weekend tired people won’t get much energy from me, but if my gas tank is clear full I can pour energy into the hearts of each person listening to me teach. It is emotional energy that I am giving out, and over the years I have learned how to fill my tank full. I do spend extra time alone on Fridays praying for each person in our church by name asking God to open their spiritual eyes and ears so that they can hear God’s Word speaking to their heart. I enjoy Pastoring very much, I enjoy teaching and counseling, I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, in their marriages, in their parenting, and especially in their walk and relationship with the God of the universe.

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