Steen’s Mts

I am at the Steen’s Mts with my boys, Sam and Seth. They are archery hunting for deer and elk, and I am fishing in Fish Lake where we are camped. I am catching some trout that are 24 inches long, and they fight and pull so hard they pull my little 8 foot inflatable pontoon boat around. The Steen’s is probably the most beautiful, impressive, awe inspiring place I have ever been including the Grand Canyon. There are 5 major gorges that are all amazing, and inspiring to see. It is hard to comprehend that most Oregonians have never been to the Steen’s Mts. Our family has come here almost every year for the last 40 years, usually the week before school started for the opening week of archery hunting. I am not doing any hunting this year, just fishing and listening to the hunting stories in the evening. I am getting in some extra Reading, studying, and writing in this week as I sit in camp by myself while the boys are attempting to kill something. When God created the world and the Kiger Gorges and all the rest He had no blueprint, everything came from him, from His own creativity. The creativity of God is absolutely mind boggling as you look at it. For people to believe that all this amazing beauty happened by chance is also mind boggling to me.

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