Did I really Do That!

I was cutting firewood today with my Stihl chain saw, while my son Seth loaded his pickup full of oak rounds, drove about 8 miles to our house, unloaded it, and came back. We got about 2 cords hauled to our house, a good day of wood cutting.

I did two dumb things today that I have never done before, but I have laughed and made fun of others who have done them. The first thing was I poured bar oil in the gas tank, I noticed as soon as I started to pour gas in the bar oil tank, and realized what I was doing. I got all the oil out by pouring gas in and pouring it back out, poring some more in, swishing it around in the tank, and pouring it out again. I figured that I put 2 cycle oil in the gas, a little bar oil probably wouldn’t hurt anything. It ran fine after that mess up. The next dumb thing I did was put a sharpened chain on backwards. Needless to say it didn’t cut very well.

In both instances I was mentally asleep. I have been getting up at 4:30 am every morning this week for the start each day of our 5 days of prayer event. Prayer is over at 10 pm in the evening, but by the time I get my one hour stationary bicycle riding in, my Bible Reading and prayer done, and a couple of other disciplines done, it is midnight. I enjoy these “5 day Prayer events” very much when they roll around every three months in our church, but I do get sleepy by the end of the week, and tend to sleep on my feet.

Whatever the reason, I do things like that on a regular basis. I have friends who do the same kinds of things often. Two of them in particular get very angry at themselves, and will call themselves all kinds of names. I guess they are trying to train themselves not to do that again! I almost always turn my my mental lapses into a funny story or joke which I enjoy telling others, because they enjoy hearing about my dumb moves for some reason. Healthy self-worth comes from God, and isn’t really self-worth as much as our sensing His pleasure in our decisions and fruit bearing. When we follow a Him, seek Him, and serve Him He will communicate to our hearts His pleasure in us. Then we are free to laugh at ourselves.

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