Lost Drivers Licence

I got ready to get on the train in Tukwilla, near Seattle, Washington this morning at 7 am, and head home. Because I bought a ticket as an over 65 year old senior I was required to show photo I.D. so I looked for my drivers license in the normal place that I keep it in my wallet, but I couldn’t find it. I began to look in more and more different places in my wallet until I came to the conclusion, “it isn’t in my wallet”! So I replayed in my mind when I had taken it out, and realized that I had done the same exact thing in Albany 2 days earlier when I came up to Tukwilla on the train. I had taken it out and put it into my pocket so I would have it ready to show, but they never asked for it, and I didn’t remember ever putting the license back into my wallet, so it still should be in my pocket, but it wasn’t. I wore the same pants for the 3 days since I left home so I mentally retraced my steps for the 3 days trying to figure out where it could have fallen out at. About then the train conductor came up and asked for my ticket, and I asked him if a drivers license had been turned in, in the last 3 days, he immediately got on his handy dandy radio and in a few minutes said, yes, it is in the lost and found at the Seattle station. I was at the Tukwilla station so he said he would have them send it to the Albany station on the next train down. About 6 pm this evening they called and said I could pick it up anytime. It is funny how a little card consumed so much of my thinking for the day, a lost card. It reminded me of the stories Jesus told in the gospel of Luke. A farmer had 100 sheep, but one was lost, so he went back out and searched for the one lost sheep until he found it. A woman had 10 coins and lost one so she swept the house and looked until she found it. Many people are lost, spiritually lost, but Jesus works in their lives, in the circumstances of their lives trying to draw them to himself so that they might become saved, but people don’t seem to want to be found by God, so they resist Him, ignore Him, deny Him, and stay lost.

2 thoughts on “Lost Drivers Licence

  1. Kay Burnsides

    Pastor Dee, I read your writings every day since my son told me about you. God is honoring your ministry because you spend so much time with him. That is easy to see.
    Kay Burnsides. Lebanon, OR



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