Amtrak – A New Experience

I rode on a train many years ago, but I have no memory of the experience, so I am counting today as the first time riding a train. I was thinking we would sit on hard, wooden benches, and be crowded. The seats are very comfortable, much better than an airplane, and it is very roomy. There was no big line or hassle getting on, and no ex-rays or metal detectors. The best thing so far, is it is very easy to walk around with wide aisles, and the car behind mine is the “food car” with really good coffee!

The way this train ride came about was because of a church in SeaTac that I was asked to Preach at this Sunday. It isn’t safe for me to drive long distances by myself because I am so prone to fall asleep because of the medication that I take for my Parkinson’s. Patty couldn’t go with me because of responsibilities this weekend at JBC, and my son Seth was gone hunting. When I shared my need at a prayer meeting someone suggested Amtrak so I went online and checked it out, and bought a ticket, and here I am.

In life I have a principle; when I have a choice to make during the day, go with the one that is new, challenging, and uncomfortable because of all the unknowns. Learning and growing happens best and fastest in an environment of new, challenging, and uncomfortable.

Today, so far is a new experience, though not radically new, but I am congratulating myself on the fact that I am here because of a life guiding principle that I established, remembered and followed.

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