Over the years prayer has become more and more a major part of my life. By major part, I mean the amount of time and the amount of mental energy and focus is spent in the activity of prayer each day. I offer to pray for people all the time, every visitor to church, all my Facebook friends, and perfect strangers. The cool thing about prayer is I have never had anybody get offended at me asking if I could pray for them, and I have never had anybody turn down my offer to pray for them.

Different people have different levels of prayer power, that is God listens to some more than others, and He works more powerfully as a result of some people’s prayers than others. There are a number of different factors influencing the prayer power we have, but one key one is how much we pray. If the only time God hears your voice is when you are in a jam or going through a trial you will have minimal influence with God. Often people get irritated and even offended when they hear me say that, but if they would just think about it from any earthly fathers point of view they would know that what I am saying is true.

Because I offer to pray so much I get a lot of emails, text messages, and phone calls asking me to pray for medical crisis, family crisis, and everything under the sun, unless I am tied up and praying isn’t possible, I almost always stop what I am doing and I pray specifically, and with great wisdom for the trial that the caller is going through. The number and frequency of people asking me to pray for them has been increasing almost daily. I truly want to help people and influence their level of faith in God, so I pray, pray, pray.

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