Made it to Alaska

It took us 63 hours to drive straight through to Soldotna, 2,846 miles, from our house in Jefferson. The car ran great, no flats on the boat trailer, the trailer pulled great, and the passengers got along great. We got pretty tired sleeping in the car, but kept rotating drivers and managed. The biggest problem was the last 200 miles was very bad road because of thermal frost heaving, which made it very hard to sleep when you bounced out out of your seat every few minutes. But we are now at “Tim’s Place” now waiting for the fish to come in. I am working on the boat getting it ready to take out in the ocean. I am hoping to take it out tomorrow and catch a bunch of halibut. We drove to Ninilchik where they back your boat in the surf with a big skidder and checked it out. It looks like it will be an adventure for sure. We went into local “Sportsman’s” store in Soldotna to buy gear to fish Halibut with. I decided to ask one of the salespeople how to fish for Halibut in Cook Inlet. I walked in and started looking at the gear for Halibut fishing and a young man walked up behind me and asked me if I was going Halibut fishing. I responded “yes”, and I am from Oregon and don’t have a clue what I am doing. He said, ” wow, I am moving to Oregon to go to Western Oregon University, and I have been a Halibut guide for the last 4 years. He proceeded to show me exactly what I needed to buy and what to do. He said he really wanted to go bass fishing when he got to Oregon so I told him I would take him when he got to Oregon and to come to Jefferson to Jefferson Baptist Church and ask for me. He then told me what church he went to and that he was a Christian. It was a great divine appointment.

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