Alaska, here we come!

I worked all day, daylight to dark on my boat. I sanded some of the spots that had epoxy runs on them, did some bondo work on low spots, sanded some more, and painted the whole boat again. Just wanted it to look pretty. We are leaving for Alaska tomorrow evening at 6 pm. We are leaving then to be able to get through Seattle without the traffic. We are going to drive straight through without stopping to sleep, just trading off and sleeping in the car. It is going to take approximately 50 hours to reach Soldotna. I am planning on bringing back 500 lbs of sockeye salmon and halibut fillets. That will be nice!

In the gospel of John in chapter 21 Jesus asks John, ” do you love Me more than these?” “These” that Jesus is referring to is the fishing boats and nets that the disciples had just been in when Jesus came to fix them breakfast. I need to replay that conversation regularly, “Do I love Jesus more than fishing?” The answer will be demonstrated by my life.

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