Dee’s Bicycle Day 2

Today we bicycled from Dexter RV park up highway 58 to east Odell Lake, to Odell Lake Lodge. We road 59 miles and it was all uphill, with some of it being as steep as 17 degrees, that is really steep. I think probably it may be the hardest day of bicycling that I have ever done. I have to confess that I put my bike on the RV that Tom Zilverberg has brought on the trip. The last 4 miles of the uphill part was the steepest of it all, and then the road heads down for a couple of miles into camp. I was totally out of gas so I put my bike on his bicycle rack and road in the Motorhome for 4 miles and then road the 2 miles of the downhill part into camp. I felt like a wimp doing it, but at that point I felt like a wimp period. As I sit on a couch in the lodge writing this I still feel like a wimp, though the dinner I ate at the lodge of fish and chips has restored some of my energy. I get to sleep in a bed in a room in the lodge tonight instead of on the ground in my tent, and I am so much looking forward to it. I have to confess as well that I was tempted to simply forget about the 4 mile ride in the RV, and not mention it, but I was afraid that God wouldn’t let me catch any fish tomorrow. We are taking a rest day tomorrow, and John who owns the lodge is taking me fishing for most of the day. That should get me good and rested up!

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Day 2

  1. Laurie Miller

    Most would never attempt the bike trip you are making. You challenge me to face my “impossibilities”. Enjoy your day of rest fishing.


    1. Rod Beckner

      Feel no shame. You are packing a lot of extra weight on that bike. I felt like a cheater riding with you on day one since I was carrying virtually nothing. I love your reports and am inspired.

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