The daily grind

One of the keys to being successful in life is falling in love with the daily grind instead of dreading it and fussing about it. I used to regularly climb Mt Adams. It is over 12,000 ft tall, it is very steep, and and very hard to climb. Many who start quit before they get to the top because of the difficulty. One of the topics of discussion between people who are getting ready to climb the Mountain is why are we doing this. Those who say they are climbing the mountain because they want to be able to say that they made it to the top of Mt Adams have the highest rate of failure in making it to the top. Those who say they are climbing it because of the challenge of the climb almost always make it to the top. Learning how to enjoy hard is a self training pursuit, and requires that we learn and practice a precise self talk when life does get hard. Our natural self is very wimpy and immediately fusses and feels sorry for itself when life takes a turn towards difficult, but we can, when we realize how important it is, learn to respond to hard with excitement, and gratefulness. Learn to enjoy the daily grind, and the harder it is the more excited we get. It is like getting ready to raft down a class 4 rapids, or climbing into an airplane to go sky diving, or getting ready to ride a bicycle 3,400 miles with over 142,000 feet of elevation gain. The anticipated level of difficulty of an event is what makes it fun and enjoyable. Those who enjoy the difficulty of the journey don’t quit and make it to the top, but those who are simply heading toward a destination or an accomplishment usually quit.

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