Men’s Leadership Class #10

The 4th goal of the class is to teach each of the guys to be skilled goal setters. Goals are to our life what a steering wheel is to a car. Without a steering wheel a car is useless, and if out on the road moving it is also very dangerous. Goal setting assumes that each individual is responsible for his life amounting to something. The goals that we write for our own life defines success for ourselves. Each year as I write out my goals I am searching for what I believe is God’s will for my life, and as I become confident that I am sure what the Lord wants me to do I write them down clearly, very measurable, and as strategic as I can make them. I then read my goals every day for several months and then 3 times each week the rest of the year. As I read and reread my goals that discipline is to my life what a gas pedal and transmission is to a car, the more I read them the faster I go. There isn’t much more rewarding than to see men write goals for their marriage, their kids, their health, their spiritual life, and their jobs, and to see them start to take control of their life, and begin to grow and accelerate. Goal setting is not a hard skill or discipline to learn how to do, but very few stay at it without some accountability in their life.

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