Leadership 4

The emphasis in “Men’s Leadership Class” is, you don’t get better by trying harder, you get better by training. Training is a process that is is guided by routines and habit development like training for any sport. We have basic practices or disciplines that we build into our lives as a routine or habit by accountability with friends who are pursuing the same goals as disciples of Jesus. The first of these disciplines is Bible reading, memorization, and study, the second is prayer, private , corporate, and with our wife, the third is seeking wisdom, and the fourth is worship.

Worship is a little difficult to set a goal for because it isn’t as definitive as Bible reading or prayer. In “Men’s Leadership Class” we define this discipline as becoming a person who rejoices about everything and grumbles and complains about nothing. The foundation would be praising and thanking God for all of His blessings to us starting with the fact that we exist, we think, we feel, we are a unique person created in God’s image by His sovereign choice. Then moving to the fact that He saved us from our sins, and that we get to live forever and ever with Him with incomprehensible joy, wow, how did that happen? A key part of the discipline of worship is rejoicing in the midst of trials because we understand that God is using them to shape and mold our character to be like His so that when we move into eternity we will be like Him so that He can enjoy fellowshipping with us and we with Him. Another motto of the class is “Character is not created in us by God in a moment of time, it is developed in us by trials over time”. But the problem is that the trials don’t produce godly character if we complain and grumble and feel sorry for ourselves, so we learn how to “consider it all joy” even if we don’t feel like it.

Another motto of the class is, “We will never do better privately in the disciplines than we do corporately”. We are part of the “Body of Christ” and learning to live our life in an interdependent relationship with others in our church family is crucial to steady growth as a disciple of Jesus. In our country one of the plaques of the church is the independent, I can do it by myself, I don’t need you attitude that most have. God didn’t create us capable of growth and accomplishment independent of others. All that to say if we are going to become a positive, rejoicing, never complaining kind of person we must worship well corporately when we gather as a church family. Most men worship poorly because of their pride, self consciousness, and worry about what people will think so they sing softly or not at all. Singing is a major emphasis in the Bible as how we are to worship God, especially in a corporate setting. If we worship well corporately we will worship well all day long, and all week long.

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