Leadership Class 2

I have 7 goals for my Leadership Class men. The first goal is that each man would totally see the importance of the seven basic disciplines of the Christian life, and would be committed to daily doing each one of them. Most books written about the disciplines have many more than 7, but I have found that too many disciplines tend to overwhelm them, confuse, and demotivate them. The first discipline is to read the Bible everyday and get them to commit to reading using a plan that would get them through the Bible at least once through in a year, and that they would rarely miss a day in this important and foundational discipline. Also they would become guys who spend time every day memorizing key Bible verses and passages and learn the discipline of “setting ” their mind on those verses memorized and meditating on them as a key discipline to changing their behavior. Along with the reading and memorizing they would also learn to study the Bible in depth using good techniques and good tools, and writing down their conclusions.

A second basic discipline that is taught is to spend time with God in prayer each and every day, and that they would learn to use a prayer journal with many names of people written down that they are committed to praying for, both saved and unsaved. The minimum goal would be 15 minutes every day. Also that each guy would faithfully attend a corporate prayer time once each week at JBC. A major push in the class to get every married man praying with his wife at least 3 times each week, and that he as the spiritual leader would initiate when they prayed together, and he would lead well and make sure that it happened. “Much prayer = much blessing; little prayer = little blessing; no prayer =no blessing.

More tomorrow

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