Black Licorice

When I get home in the evening, the first thing I do is ride my stationary bike for an hour or more, and I read while I am doing it though tonight I watched part of the Trail Blazer game instead. After I get done on the bike I go into our bedroom and sit in my recliner and read, pray, and write for a couple hours before going to bed. Occasionally I have a little snack while I am sitting there, and I have to admit there isn’t much that I enjoy more than a snack while sitting in my recliner at 11:00 pm. I know it isn’t healthy to eat that late at night, and that it goes right to fat, but I enjoy it anyway. Patty today bought me some of that really good licorice in the bulk food section at WinCo, and when I sat down in my chair there was five pieces sitting on the bookshelf next to my chair, wow, what a wonderful wife!!! I ate them really slow, one little nibble at a time, dragging out the pleasure as long as I could, and with every little nibble saying, “thank you Lord” for small pleasures in life. Then after thinking about it for awhile, I said, “Thank You Lord that such simple things give me such great pleasure”! That in itself is a great gift to have.

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