One of the disciplines that I picked up years ago is journaling. I write a bit about the events that occurred that day in a mater of fact way, and then I write about my dealing with the events that I just wrote about, problems I solved or didn’t solve, lessons learned, wisdom gained, and then I usually write out a prayer, praying for the people that were in my day, and for myself to be used by God to bear fruit for Him.

In my journaling I try to write reflectively, looking at my day and behavior as a third person attempting to be honest and transparent about who I am, why I do what I do, and how to grow.

Writing is a great way to pull stuff out of our sub-conscious mind that we didn’t know was there, and then writing it down with thoughtfulness and clarity is a way of owning who we are, and also gives us the insight to figure out how to change.

Writing is a discipline that few develop as a skill, but it is well worth the effort and time it takes to get good at it. God wrote the Ten Commandments on a stone with His finger the Bible teaches. If God wrote it must be important. We are created in His image and likeness and the more we do what God does the better we will do in life in general.

Another reason I journal is because I forget what has happened and the emotions that I experienced as a result of an experience. So many of the events that I have lived through are so rich, but I forget them and they get lost in the sea of experiences over the years.

Once a month I take an hour and read past journal entries. It is amazing how the combination of writing and then reading what I wrote preserves the memory of my life in my head and the lessons learned and the character gained in my heart.

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