I went fishing today with some friends. We drove to Newport and went surf fishing for red tailed perch. I had a wonderful day. The weather was so nice and sunny, and there is something hypnotic about standing in the ocean with chest waders and hearing the roar of the waves and seeing them constantly rising up with all this white foam. We would follow the waves out and cast out as far as we could aided by our 3 oz lead sinker, and on the 2 hooks that we had we would put plastic little worms. We got there at low tide and fished up to high tide. The fish follow the tide in because sand worms come out of the sand as the surf comes in and the fish gobble them up.The fishing was ok for the first couple of hours but about an hour before hi tide they went on a feeding frenzy, and we were catching fish just about every cast, and then as the tide started out the fishing just stopped cold, no more fish. We loaded up and went to a public fish cleaning spot and filleted fish for an hour then went to a restaurant and had clam chowder and fish and chips. What a wonderful day!

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