In the last week I have gotten 4 phone calls and 4 emails that were obviously from people trying to scam me, that is trying to cheat or trick me so that they get some of my money, stealing is what it is.  On the last one I thought, someone must have written a book on how to do this because they all seem to have a similar approach. Someone ought to write a new book.

It is a strange thing to me that people would attempt to cheat someone else out of their money. I wonder where in their life the moral values were shaped so that they are OK with cheating another person and stealing money from them. Each person has a value system and a developed sense of what is right and wrong.  In our younger ages we are not choosing much in regards to what we believe, we are shaped by our parents, other family, teachers, close friends, and church leaders. We are like a piece of clay that someone takes in their hands and molds .

I was very blessed to have been raised by very good parents, family, church, pastors, youth leaders, and teachers. Once a person gets into their adult years they can change that molded moral world view and standards of right and wrong but it isn’t easy and it takes strong influence from other people who are gifted and skilled in influencing people to change.  A major factor in people changing is that they are convicted, that is they feel a strong sense of guilt over what they have done and what they are doing. God works on people’s conscience through the Holy Spirit to convict them of wrong and sinful behavior in an attempt to change them.  People who are convicted of a particular behavior do one of two things, they either work at changing or they excuse, justify, hide, or blame others.  We were born with that bent so it comes naturally.

I want to change and grow to be more righteous and holy every day of my life so I ask God to show me the things that need changing, convict me of those things, and grant me the power and wisdom to make the change as I begin. I also want to be used by God to help other people to change, in fact that is my personal mission statement, “to grow to be like Christ as much as possible in the days I have left, and to influence many others to do the same.”

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